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The Fifth Annual SONIC Conference.

Lung ultrasound in complex lung disorders

Kylie Baker is an Emergency Physician who has worked at Ipswich Hospital, since 1991. She has studied point of care ultrasound since 2001, attending Australian Institute of Ultrasound regularly first as a student, then as a teacher. This has resulted in research- specifically into lung ultrasound, funded by two generous grants from the Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Fund. Her fading Twitter handle is @kyliebaker888 and ultrasound youtube channel @blueteam8638 (basic teaching).

Kylie Baker

About my talk

This will be a VERY BORING TALK only for people who wish to dissect the intricacies of B line formation, the controversies over settings and the various times when B lines will let you down. It is a conflation of recent literature dives for other presentations. The talk will focus on using other simple ultrasound tricks to make best guesses as to the origin of the beast in front of you, and suggest some avenues for further research.

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