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The Fifth Annual SONIC Conference.

Growing sonographer educators (SEEDs)

Carolynne is an experienced sonographer and point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) educator. From 2011-2022, she was instrumental in the growth of a large PoCUS program at Monash Health. Carolynne is now undertaking a PhD on the development of PoCUS education in Australasia, and has published several papers on this subject. She is a senior lecturer at Monash University and engaged in various projects as an independent consultant. Carolynne was awarded ASA Educator of the Year (2016) and Victorian Sonographer of the Year (2022).

Carolynne Cormack

About my talk

Sonographer educators in emergency departments (SEEDs) are a valuable asset to emergency ultrasound training programs. In this session, Carolynne will discuss various aspects of SEED recruitment, on-boarding, upskilling, and support needs. She will also provide an update on a new short training course being developed as part of her PhD, to support sonographers transitioning into PoCUS education.

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